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Just a few of our offerings...

Below is a small preview of some of the keynotes, workshops and services that we can thrill your team with.  The truth is, this is just a small sampling.  Your organization's needs are what drive our content and we look forward to customizing a presentation to help you drive business results.

Making $h!t Up... 

Building a YES And Culture

Our top rated workshop and keynote.  Lessons learned from the improv comedy stage are easily transferred to the boardroom resulting in your an organization where the sky is the limit!

Presented as either an hour keynote and improv demo or up to a half day hands on workshop, your team will be laughing so hard they will learn!

Up it and Up YOURS!

Our team has trained with the best of the best.  The Mouse in Orlando, FL.  It is well known that Walt Disney was a stickler for the details and was constantly challenging his teams to "up it."  To make things better and innovate even when it seems that their best had already been attained.  Guess what?  It hadn't.  This sessions brings Walt's key lesson of upping it to your organization and your team leaves with practical ideas on how to "up yours."

Your Training Program 

(Probably) Sucks

In this session targeted for HR, Learning and Executive professionals, we debunk years of training myths and show you what you are doing wrong.  Do your team members dread annual compliance training?  Does your "onboarding" plan include days on end in a classroom resembling a cattle call data dump?  No wonder your turnover is high?  You wouldn't want to work for you either!  Don;t worry we are here to help and show you how to make your Learning and Development the highlight of your team's career.  (Oh, and they will learn more too!)

The Fun Factor

As children, play is a part of everyday life.  It is expected, it is understood and it is appreciated.  However as we grow older play becomes more taboo.  This session explores the science behind adult learning and why our lack of play is the WRONG approach.  In truth, purposeful play has the same positive outcome in adults as it does in children.  We just have to be willing to embrace it in the workplace.

Culture First, Profits Follow


Are YOU Your Worst Nightmare?

Culture seems to be a hot topic in today's business world.  But, what does it really mean and how can building the right one put money to the bottom line?  Isn't culture just a buzz word to make millennial workers happy in the workplace anyway?  NO!

In this session packed with real life examples your team is guided through building a culture that not only defines the organization's values, mission and vision but how shows them how to turn those into a culture that permeates the front line.  Attendees identify how building a people centric culture leads to bottom line improvements.

NOTE: For many participants this is a difficult workshop to take part in as it often challenges their long held beliefs in their own management style.  However, clients report that adopting our strategies shows a quick financial return and often revolutionizes the direction of the business.

A Crime of Learning

Truly a one of a kind experience!  This session combines a traditional murder mystery party with an educational session all disguised as a few hours of fun.  Our team will custom write a script tailored to your organization's values, mission and key initiatives.   A "crime" will be committed and it will be up to your team to demonstrate their understanding of your business to figure out whodunnit!  Our team of professional actors (all with experience in corporate learning) will bring this evening of intrigue to life and have your team wrapped up in a crime of learning.

Executive Recruiting

Specializing in hospitality, restaurant and retail roles out full service recruiting team has a wide network of professionals ready to join your company.  Our network may not be on the job market; but, are open to a change for top rate employers.  Let us connect you with them.

Not Your Grandma's Teambuilding

Are you ready to take your corporate team-building into the 21st century?  We are here to help.  No lame trust falls or bike building.  Our team building programs will have your team connecting AND learning valuable skills that they will use in the workplace.

Each boutique style program is custom build and driven by your organizational goals.  We don't believe in the same old programs that everyone else is doing because they don't represent YOU.  Contact us today and let's change the game together.

Instructional Design Services

Online?  Mobile?  Classroom?  Blended?

Let our team take the hard work from you.  We will work with you subject matter experts to design the perfect course for your team.  From self study to an online suite, custom webinars to in-person deliverables we will create the course that drives results for your organization.

What our customers are saying

Thank you so much!  The team got so much out of your session and are prepared for the new fiscal year!

 - Fresh Kitchen

Your talk on true leadership was not at all what we expected!  IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER!   We laughed, we cried, we WON!

- HIlton

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